Thursday, February 7, 2013

Denial vs. Reality

After some concentrated knitting and calculations, both sleeves are finished and waiting for the body to be ready for joining.   As I usually do, I had checked my gauge several times.
And I faced reality.  As I had begun to suspect, my gauge was not 4 stitches to the inch.  It was 4.5.  And the stitch count wasn't enough now.  Plus the Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns does not have calculations for half stitches.
Okay then.
So I dug out a calculation sheet that I had.  (I think it is from Jackie Fee's The Sweater Book).  I'm glad I have lots of books on making and fitting sweaters.  Using the new correct gauge, I sketched the paper and punched my calculator. 
Below the left sleeve you can see my work sheet.  I am using a size lower for my key number because I can add a couple inches later in front with the button band.  And I will have 2x2 ribbing at the sides from ribbing band to underarm.  That will give me just a touch of waist shaping.
And best of all, I only had to add 2 extra stitches to the sleeves, using the percentage.  I was able to finish the second sleeve to my new calculations with no tinking.  And I picked up stitches on the first, then unraveled and reknit the last inch of the first sweater with I extra ser of increases, all while watching All Quiet on the Western Front.
I am ready for a major casting on session this evening, to start the body.
Sometimes a reality check is a good thing.

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