Friday, November 15, 2013

Still Here, Still Knitting

I am still around. And have been busy with knitting and life. And to think, I briefly (very briefly) thought about posting daily, like I did last year. At least I knew enough to not try that.

I will try to catch up this weekend but, in the mean time, here is a glimpse of Gertrude with my October Mystery sweater. I have since started the collar.

The collar is about six inches of ribbing, a big fold over collar that won't be too close to the neck. The button bands on the front will add width. I have plenty of yarn to make them wide, if I want. When I tried it on, it looked like a better fit than on Gertrude. I may have lost a couple more pounds since she was "born."

And here is the back. I love the cable.

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