Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Interrupt the Previously Scheduled Sweater...

My October Mystery Sweater has progressed to the point that it is getting heavy. As I came to the end of a row with a mere twelve inches left on the skein, I decided it was time to put the stitches on a string. That way I could try it on and check the fit. I could also work the sleeves before the body got too heavy.

I liked the fit on myself, as well as on Gertrude.

The cable up the back looks very nice. (If you see a miscrossed cable, I don't want to know.)

You can see in the top picture the beginning of one sleeve. But as the title states, I am temporarily interrupting this to start a small project.

I usually wear earmuffs in winter. Hats don't fit over my hair clasp. But I found this, Calorimetry on good old Ravelry. It is a tapered headband, with a button fastener.

So after a a dive in the homespun stash, I dug out some navy blue wool llama blend with a hint of glitz and cast on.

It should be done in a day or two. Oh, and please excuse the photobomb by Leo's feet and tail. He kept wanting to inspect.


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