Saturday, January 19, 2013

Remember Me?

Yes, I guess it had been a while since I posted here.  What can I plea as my excuse?
I was sick for a week.  Not flu thank goodness, or the strep that is also making its rounds.  Just an old-fashioned head and chest cold; which my boss shared with me, and I shared with the family.
Then there have been recurring bouts of sadness as I watch the country go to stack and ruin.  Sigh.
But the knitting has continued well.  I am hopeful of finishing the Green Romney Rib Waist Cardigan by the end of the month.  If not ready to wear, at least it will be off the needles.  I plan on finishing the first sleeve by Monday.  That only leaves the second sleeve and sewing up.
I better dig out my books on finishing and sewing.
I have even finished winding four skeins for my next sweater.

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